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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

What is the price of petrol and diesel in India

What is the price of petrol and diesel in India Details: This has not stopped the rise in petroleum costs? The cost of diesel is steady. The cost of diesel was cut by 10 paise on Friday, while the value of oil increased by 7 paise.

At Rs 67.54 per liter, petroleum cost in Delhi rose to Rs 72.72 per liter in Diesel.

The cost of 71.81 petroleum in Uttar Pradesh and Noida was Rs 66.19.

Delhi's petroleum cost rose to Rs 72.31 per liter, while Kolkata's cost was 74.39 rupees, and Mumbai's cost was 77.94 rupees per liter. Diesel costs aren't rising. Diesel costs dropped on Friday by 10 Paises. Saturday's diesel cost is not being adjusted. At Rs 69.33 a liter of Delhi, Rs 70.76, Rs 71.49. Oil and diesel costs have resulted in an increase in unrefined petroleum costs.

October 2, January Pataskala's oil and diesel costs have risen. On January 1, Noida oil cost 68.90 per liter of oil and 62.28 per liter of diesel. Anyway, Huewus diesel Juni 1 is Noida's cost? Since 1 January, diesel costs have risen to Rs 66.49 per liter.

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